The ADP whistleblower, fired for standing up to illegal business practices at the payroll giant, launched, a website documenting the federal crimes he reported to the SEC and FINRA.

Posts from the new site are being shared across social media by thousands of angry ADP customers and employees, expressing their dissatisfaction with the company, and uniting around his message.

The first memo shared by the whistleblower — former top ADP national salesman David M. Schwartz — received more than 11,000 views by going viral on LinkedIn.

The social media campaign is directing angry customers to memos at about each area where ADP has ripped off customers or wronged employees.

Visitors can also join a database to document their grievances and to classify all the claims into 10 major categories.

On Twitter, @ADPFraud is going down the timeline to capture the thousands of angry comments posted there since 2009, plus retweeting up to a dozen new complaints that ADP receives each day.

Bless the heart of the ADP employee who has to answer this barrage of angry complaints and demands for better customer service. (There are also many web designers who chime in at @ADP to squawk about how badly its websites and apps are designed, as its paystubs can only be seen by using an old version of Internet Explorer.)

At an average of three complaints per day (and some days, it’s a dozen), that’s 10,000 posts against ADP made publicly by members of the social network, and each of those members are being invited to visit the website.

The hashtags #adpsucks or #adpfail and fun search strings “ADP and ‘the worst'” make identifying the class easy.

The Twitter campaign is highlighting verified “blue check” CEOs and celebrities griping about ADP’s bad customer service and infamously long wait lines, plus sharing articles about the whistleblower’s legal case against ADP.

The campaign also features screenshots of Better Business Bureau screeds against ADP.

The whistleblower’s case has also opened eyes in the HR and business advisory industry, where ADP’s reputation as the biggest and the worst is shared by all the experts — who don’t work with the company.

On LinkedIn, the whistleblower’s first memo attracted many visitors to his profile, including the chief  enforcement officers for the SEC and FINRA, federal and state tax officials, and a CIA officer he didn’t know, who gave him a thumbs up.

Also who viewed: 1,850 employees from ADP, made up of company directors — presumably angry — and old colleagues — mostly elated — who were getting in touch to post their own horror stories about working for ADP.

On Facebook, hundreds have shared news of the whistleblower’s case and reached out to add their names and experiences to the database.


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  • I have questions about this. Please contact me privately to discuss similar whistleblower case.

  • There’s more, lots, lots, lots more of ADP skulduggery…. Influence (Senator / Founder + $s) got them off all these years…. hope the Whistle Blower David Schwartz gets vindicated on the very, very small slice of Fraud he’d unearthed. It’s only the tippy tip of the iceberg. Please contact me privately for info.

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