The Corporate Whistleblower’s Survival Guide:

A Handbook for Committing the Truth

by Tom Devine  (Author),‎ Tarek F. Maassarani (Author)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Blowing the Whistle—and Surviving the Storm That Follows

Corporate whistleblowers save lives, prevent fraud, and preserve the environment. But these results come through a long, difficult, draining, and often frightening process that leads many unprepared would-be whistleblowers to give up. Fortunately, they now have the support they need. This unprecedented and authoritative guide covers every step of the process—finding information to support your claims, determining whom to blow the whistle to, dealing with attacks from opponents, enlisting allies, understanding the law, and more.

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Do Not try this at home without first reading the Survival Guide
The Corporate Whistleblower’s Survival Guide is a clearly written comprehensive guide to the dangers (many) and satisfactions (few) of whistleblowing. The style is direct and down to earth. The authors impart an enormous amount of knowledge and suggest many resources for obtaining further help and information. Chapters include (roughly), Should you whisleblow? Should you go public or remain anonymous? What the organisation will do in retaliation (lots!). What to know before you blow. Where to go to blow. Where to get help. The law. and, Law reform (much needed still). The reality is that whistleblowing is a sacrifice. There is usually an enormous cost to the whistleblower and to the whistleblower’s family (who may not see whistleblowing in a positive light; especially when their lives are shattered for no good reason that they can see). It can be difficult to see how the word ‘survival’ applies to a process which often ends in career and financial suicide. And yet there are those few who cannot allow evil to succeed by doing and saying nothing. This survival guide will markedly reduce the risk to these brave few. Don’t move a muscle till you have read this guide.

Australian readers should note that there is even less protection for Antipodean whistleblowers. In the United States there is some protection through the False Claims Act and the Dodd-Frank Act.

I wish I had read this book before exposing the scandal at Westmead Hospital (see the Julie Robotham article in the Sydney Morning Herald 23 May 2011). I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone thinking of whistleblowing.

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