Los Alamos: A Whistleblower’s Diary

Growing up in the shadow of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) the author, Chuck Montano, was thrilled to land a job there. But he never imagined the dangerous world he was about to enter.

Los Alamos: A Whistleblower’s Diary is a shocking account of foul play, theft and abuse at our nation’s premier nuclear R&D installation, where those who dare to question pay with their careers and, potentially, their lives.

This first-of-its-kind expose ventures past LANL’s armed guards and security fences to chronicle persistent efforts to prevent hidden truths from surfacing in the wake of headline-grabbing events, as in the mysterious death of the lab’s second-in-command, following a derailed fraud investigation, on the eve of congressional hearings . . . a cover-up rooted in arrogance, omissions and lies.

Seventy years after its inception, the secret science colony on ”the Hill” remains largely unaccountable to anyone. The author reveals, in terrifying detail, that this is no accident.


About the Author:

Chuck Montano began his 40-year career, as a professional auditor and investigator, with the US Comptroller of the Currency, before becoming a University of California employee stationed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Northern New Mexico. From 2007-2009 he served as director of fraud and special audits for the NM State Auditor.

Paperback: 382 pages
Publisher: Desert Tortoise Publishing, LLC (April 28, 2015)



Amazon Reviews:

This is not a book for you if “you cannot handle the truth!”

This is not a book for you if “you cannot handle the truth!!” It is a well written page turner that is well documented. The author addresses many issues in this book that have plagued me for years. He put them in a” nutshell,” and as I was reading, I was thinking “Amen, “Amen”, “Amen” !! It is about time someone has enough courage and persistence to pursue these serious matters and “slay the giant”!

Finally–A Book About the Los Alamos National Laboratory That Tells theTruth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth!

Chuck Montano’s Los Alamos is, in my estimation, a very important book providing irrefutable evidence regarding Los Alamos National Laboratory’s decades of intentional, and unlawful, mismanagement as well as of its decades of intentional discrimination against women and minority employees. Of particularly interest to me was the information Montano provided regarding the manner in which the Regents of the University of California, although it collected tens of millions of dollars annually for its mismanagement of LANL, claiming, and continues to claim, to have no knowledge of LANL’s unlawful expenditure of funds and its discriminatory practices.
Montano’s accountings of the Regents of the University of California’s mismanagement of LANL, year after year, are a sad commentary on exactly how our federal government has for decades historically and systematically ignored the wasting of taxpayer’s money and the plight of protected classes of employees. Rather than step in and correct the serious issues the Department of Energy financially rewarded the Regents and LANL’s unlawful activities by picking up the tab, time and time again, by doling out tens of millions of dollars of tax payer dollars to cover the legal expenses for the Regents and LANL’s misadventures.
I am convinced after having read Montano’s book, that Washington D C has not a scintilla of interest in correcting the mismanagement of the Los Alamos National Laboratory or in ending its decades of intentional discrimination against its protected class employees.
Thank you Mr. Montano for writing Los Alamos; for providing a wake-up call for congress and the Departments of Justice and Energy. Unfortunately, I doubt the government will make the effort necessary to correct the very serious problems you describe in your book.


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