A new whistleblower has emerged to support the $27 million insider trading charges levied by the SEC against Fluent ($FLNT) chairman Mike Brauser on Friday, when it detailed fraud in the shares of three companies beginning in 2013.

This latest victim has evidence of similar scams going back decades, including how his own company was burned by Brauser in a similar pump-and-dump scheme in the 2000s.

The SEC allegations snared a combination that included OPKO ($OPK), its chairman, Miami biotech billionaire Dr. Phil Frost, also chairman of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services ($LTS); shares of both companies tanked on the news last week.

The 53-page market manipulation case outlined insider trading in shares of BioZone Pharmaceuticals, MabVax Therapeutics Holdings and MGT Capital Investments ($MGTI).

In MGTI, in 2016, Brauser took a shell from an unrelated business, made a small acquisition, hired cyber pirate John McAfee to run it, rebranded the company as MGTI — in McAfee’s honor — then ran up trading in the stock to such a high volume that it was the most traded stock of the day. The stock is since down 90% in two years. Shares in another Brauser company, Riot Blockchain ($RIOT), fell 24% on Friday when the SEC case dropped.

The new whistleblower’s testimony differs from the current SEC case, in that he alleges that Brauser has been the mastermind all along — not Barry Honig, who was fingered as the capo in the government’s case.

Brauser acquired the whistleblower’s tech company (he was a minority shareholder and early employee) in exchange for millions of dollars of shares in a shell that abruptly cratered; the victim’s profitable multi-million dollar startup was gone, and his payout suddenly worth zero.

After objecting and refusing to be silent, he suffered death threats, attempts by mercenaries to kill him and constant surveillance. This whistleblower, a computer programmer, took himself entirely off the grid to protect his identity, while developing software to correlate stock movement, online chatter and SEC EDGAR filings to catch Brauser, exact revenge and save others from his greed.

Repeated attempts, until now, to blow the whistle on the notorious fraudster led this whistleblower to believe that Brauser benefited from protection by powerful government interests, who may have finally cashed him in.

With Brauser’s government and military connections, the source believes that a Brauser unit that provides deep background, filings and credit data on people — may have become an instrument of deep state criminals, a database tool for blackmail and extortion.

Brauser spun-off that business, formerly known as IDI, into Red Violet ($RDVT) — which he resigned from as chairman last week upon the SEC case filing — while keeping the group’s internet ad marketing businesses inside, Fluent.

Until two weeks ago, Fluent shares were listed under Cogint ($COGT). Before being called, IDI, the data business was known as TLO. Brauser switches his company names frequently while creating “new news” and to obscure the paper trail.

The whistleblower is willing to testify to share details of dozens more companies that fell victim to Brauser’s frauds and the names of many more silent partners who took part in the insider trading on his orders. His testimony goes back to crimes personally witnessed in the 2000s, but he believes Brauser’s dark career in stock market fraud began as early as the 1980s, based on details from other victims he met trying to bring Brauser to justice.

He seeks representation to file his case with the SEC. Contact this whistlebl0wer securely via the form below.

2 Thoughts on “New Whistleblower Claims Insider Trading Evidence Against Fluent ($FLNT) Mike Brauser Going Back Decades; Dozens More Scams, More Insider Names to Support SEC Case”

  • Wow, Michael Brauser is so sneaky that a week before the SEC case dropped, he changed his main company’s name and NASDAQ listing (for the fourth time!) from Cogint ($CGNT) to Fluent ($FLNT). This is the same company that controls access to all of our personal data via a matrix designed by technologist Hank Asher, “father of data fusion”.


    IDI (the company’s name in 2015):

    IDI is in the business of buying and selling data. More than simply repackaging the data, they process it, synthesize it, amalgamate it, and extract from it new interpretations from data inputs, yielding unique outputs. This is data fusion. This is the reason IDI’s exists.

    There are several well-known companies selling data: Equifax, Inc., Experian, plc, LexisNexis (owned by Reed Elsevier, plc), and TransUnion, LLC. Three of these companies have legacy ties to the late Hank Asher, the “father of data fusion” and inspiration to the current IDI senior team. Equifax, LexisNexis, and TransUnion’s data business were in whole or part acquired from Asher.

    These companies sell “regulated” data. Regulated data is information such as a person’s name, date of birth, current address, and Social Security number. Laws dictate how this information can be shared, and by whom it can be accessed. Typical users of regulated data include law enforcement, credit bureaus (fraud prevention), and Government agencies (cybersecurity). According to recent industry statistics, the regulated data business generates $2 billion annually.

  • This man is disgusting! Brauser and his boiler room friends should all go for a long walk on a short pier, and spend the rest of their lives in jail! If he’s been scamming people like this since the 80s – 30+ years of crimes – then he can do the next 30 in the slammer!

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