The Whistleblower’s Dilemma:

Confronting Fraud at AIG

by Gordon S. Massie (Author)

Too big to fail and too corrupt to survive is a good way to summarize the dilemma Gordon Massie faced at AIG. His is a stunningly captivating story of the toxic mix of arrogance, deception, fraud, and incompetence that reduced AIG to a shell of its former self. In the recent era of sensational corporate impropriety and collapse, none was greater than the debacle of AIG, which scarred the lives of many innocent people, including author Gordon Massie, former head of the Leveraged Finance Group at AIG. His story is both corporate and personal, one the reader cannot put down until the last page is turned. For more than thirty years, Massie climbed the business ladder the honest way: making money by competent analysis of transactions and opportunities, solid management skills, and loyalty to both his employees and company shareholders. But at AIG his honesty was nearly his undoing. Although he saw mounting abuses and warned of the consequences, he believed almost too long for his own good that AIG would correct its mistakes. In the end, AIG did not change its ways and Massie soon found himself a target of frightening corporate malfeasance fit for a Hollywood thriller. Except that his is a real-life story. In a race against time, he beat AIG to its knockout punch, collected his evidence, and filed his whistleblower charges. The evidence of corruption he presented was unmistakable and overwhelming. AIG capitulated, its top executives were fired, and not long thereafter AIG itself went into the federal version of receivership, a victim of questionable business practices and highly questionable corporate ethics.

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